Unbelievable day in Brazil

Today, March 23, 2021, is an unbelievable day in the world and especially in Brazil.

Today was the deadliest day since the beginning of the indicators on the covid 19 pandemics has arrived on Brazilian soil in February 2020.

Today 3251 people die because of covid 19. As if this news was not sufficiently appalling, there is one more news that is only officially missing yet to be published and at the end of it, there will be a “Cumpra-se” term used for court decisions, and it means it has to be done. It is the news that the highest court of justice, called the Supreme Federal Court, ruled in its second internal class, by 3 votes to 2 in favor of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (ex-president and convicted on corruption by 32 judges starting by ex-judge Moro), who had requested in the highest court a Habeas Corpus against Sérgio Fernando Moro, ex-judge of the 13 Federal Court of Justice based in the city of Curitiba.

Justice Gilmar Mendes who dissent in favor of Lula | image: Jose Cruz/ Brazil Agency

Lula always took a bet on a narrative of victimization, the former president has made Moro an antagonist since he was investigated in Operation Car Wash, as if his trials wore political, but in plain sight and against the decision made by the Supreme Court today, is just impossible to renegade the unfolding proofs and the confirmation of all 32 differents judges and justices of high court circuits in Brazil, that happen to sentence Lula guilty as charged in corruption.

On this very heavy and strange day for Brazil, there was even a statement by the President of the Republic, Jair Messias Bolsonaro, briefly talking about vaccine, but without making any reference to other measures to combat the virus, especially the social distance at that moment where governors and city mayors decree mild lockdown to try to contain the collapse in the healthcare system, where there is already a shortage of hospital oxygen and intubation drugs.

Jair Bolsonaro during an address to the nation

This weekend there was the disclosure of an open letter from more than 1500 economists, industrialists with businessmen and businesswomen from all over the country, who reinforced the importance of the following science and that the President of Brazil to be the head in this fight against the virus and that the recovery of the economy and the fall in deaths and the health system with the capacity to serve everyone, they are on the same side, but the president took the letter as a personal critic to his government and on Monday in a ceremony inside the palace, he decided to shout out saying they(who subscribe the letter) should not be against the president to fight upon, but the virus per se (sic) to fight. Quite different than the president does, taking litigation against 3 governors for lockdowns. (Do What I Tell You, But Do Not Do What I Do)

Research shows that the disapproval of Bolsonaro’s work in a pandemic was 44%, and still, 56% see him as incapable of leadership, according to data from the Datafolha carried out on March 15 and 16, 2021, with 2023 Brazilians aged 16 or over, in all regions of the country, via telephone.

During the presidential address to the Nation, I could hear my building neighbors banging on their pans, a type of protest which is called “panelaço” in Brazil and Argentina. So I ran to the balcony to understand the extent of the protest. It was quite loud and long, I could hear the eco from different buildings, that can I say about it. Easy to see and HEAR that perhaps his popularity is not at his best and Brazilians are mad about this situation.

I leave my message here to friends and relatives of the 3251 people who today died of covid. My condolences and I’m sorry. 3251 people are not just a number or a static, they are fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, brothers, nephews and so many dear friends who have left today. Today, on the day that the United Kingdom paid a great tribute to all who fell for covid, I join in the sense of respect and zeal for the lives of those who were, so that fewer lives are taken, especially for the irresponsible behavior of those powerful rulers who should do everything in their power to fight the pandemic.

It seems that today Brazil is going to sleep upside down tonight.

Hoping that tomorrow at the dawn of the new day, hope will awaken with the sun.



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